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A game by Dark Infinity (NAZIH Walid)

 is an action horror game set in multiple universes, each one with its own taste.

Emma the protagonist is a historian who discovers something that let her access dark areas.

She has to explore what she have discovered while solving puzzles and defeating the darkness inside.

The prealpha demo is out now if you wish to give it a first try as we work on making it better each time.

Join our dark adventure as we make it. 

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illusion - pre alpha demo 374 MB


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I decided to give the game a shot and all that. I'm not sure if the game was supposed to let the mouse cursor out of the game screen, but that's the main issue I ran into. But here's my video. (I really like anything that deals with multi-verse theory)

Couldn't figure out what to do after i picked up the coin thing. Also it got stuck in slow motion at one point after i triggered the trap. Interesting so far. Wish I could of gotten further. I woul upload a gameplay vid but I dont want to disrespect the game with my negative shenanigans lol.

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Thank you so much for your reply, well the coin gives you the ability to move certain things and in this case if you see the bridge is kinda broken so you have to go to the tower and fix it. About the slow motion its my mistake, it's supposed to be a trap when the ball drops to kill you you should shoot it before it gets you, i guess you figured out how to dodge it and i have to make sure to get rid of this problem. The game gets better everytime so you can follow if you're interested to see further updates and demos. Otherwise, thank you so much for your feedback.